Recovery. Expression. Freedom.


Movement gives me two things: recovery and expression. And in both there is freedom.


It starts with recovery.  If I’ve had a sedentary day I feel something welling up inside – a kind of discomfort – like dust settling in my joints. I want to shake free of it.  And so, in this way I am motivated to find release and freedom.  So I move and recover. 

Always, after a movement practice (dance, yoga, working out, walking) I feel relaxed, settled and calm.  

If I don’t move I get itchy-scratchy.  I’m nicer to be around after I’ve moved my body.

I’m writing this after a strenuous aerial silks class.  I’ve done my hard physical work for the day and I’m enjoying a cappuccino.  Winter sunlight is pouring through the windows, reflecting off snowflake decorations, lighting up the world.



If personality is one facet of expression, movement is another. 

In the feeling of length, the creation of strength, the rich sense of grace and the mindful calm of awareness we come more alive.

And this thing we were born to do:  We were born to move.

Expression in movement is not an act of vanity.  It is soul saving and invigorating.  It will make you a better being. 

The yogis’ of ancient and modern times knew/know this.  So too in martial arts, tai chi, chi kung and many other forms of mindful movement practices.  There is nothing that should prevent every movement practice you try from being soul saving and invigorating.

Begin where you are. 

DO NOT give up on yourself.  No matter how old, how broken, or how frail you might feel.  Do not use that as a reason to give up. (And I know what it feels like to be broken.  I've been through a journey of recovery.   I was so frail at one point I couldn't even do the gentlest of gentle yoga practices!)  

I’ve seen this many times: A person who’s given up, chooses not to move and thereby further fulfills their own prophecy. 

I’ve also seen this:  A person who’s (almost) given up, but chooses to move in spite of all they believe about themselves.  They choose to move because someone gives them support, or a voice whispers within that perhaps things could be different.  With a little practice and the right guidance they start to feel better; they become more confident; their smile brightens. 

So in movement you start with recovery.  You learn to express yourself. 

And in both you find freedom.

In this body that you are inextricably embroidered in I hope you will join me and move well.