5 Questions to two Serious Foodies

5 Questions with Malcolm Saunders, founder, owner and creative visionary of the Light Cellar, a specialty superfood shop and teaching kitchen

In my e-cookbook, The Community Table, Malcolms recipe's include a savoury bone broth elixir, teff flat bread and cashew nut cheese.  Malcolm was the first person to teach me how to make chocolate... 


What’s your favourite all time recipe?  
Hand-made Chocolate from Scratch! This recipe for obvious reasons, because who doesn't love chocolate?! But I love the fact that when I make it from the raw ingredients I can choose the type and amount of sweetener as well as use it as a delivery system for any superfood or herb that I feel like I need a boost from along with my chocolate. Great activity to get creative with kids - so I love that about this recipe as well.

What was your favourite childhood food?  
I see a theme going on here... because it is Chocolate! Back then anything went so long as it was chocolate - candy bars, chipits, you name it, I ate it... However now I can still enjoy chocolate but the quality is upgraded to the best ever and I don't need to compromise any more.

What inspired you to do what you do?  
My inspiration comes from trying to find balance with, and deeper connection to, Nature. I shifted my diet to more natural foods at a young age but I didn't know what I was doing and it took me years to figure out how to eat and prepare food healthfully. There is so much confusion around food and nutrition along side a real disconnection to Nature and where our food comes from, as well as a lack of culinary abilities to prepare truly nourishing food for ourselves at home. My mission is to help connect people more deeply to their food, and to help you find, and learn how to craft, your own food and medicine.

What do you most love to teach people regarding food & cooking?  
What I call "Easy Upgrades" - these are simple shifts of familiar favourites or new little tricks and hacks that can be easily added in to upgrade what someone is already doing. It is as broad of an approach as turning your morning tea or coffee into a more health-enhancing Elixir, to how to ferment your food to make it more digestible and assimilable.

What’s your best bit of advice you give to clients? 
Keep food and nutrition simple, don't get dogged down by dietary dogma, follow your gut and find what works for you. Health should be as intuitive as it is scientific. Look to past cultures for inspiration as to what they used as there is a rich wisdom that is tried and true. Get in the kitchen, create and have fun!

4 Questions with Christina Acevedo, Red Seal chef, holistic nutritionist and owner of Honey and Vanilla

Christina's recipes in 'The Community Table' include gluten free pumpkin vanilla muffins, leak and chickpea soup, muhammara dip and red wine meat sauce. 


What was your favourite childhood food? My favourite childhood food was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, ham and scallop potatoes and corn on the cob and a million other things.

What inspired you to become a chef? My mom inspired me, she is the best cook and baker I know. I remember calling her from school at recess to find out what was for dinner.

What do you most love to teach people regarding food & cooking?  I love teaching people how to prep their food for the week, that the temperature at which they cook their food makes a huge difference in nutrient density and that cooking with whole foods is not difficult and it will change their lives in a positive way.

What’s your best bit of advice you give to clients? Eat more whole foods (mostly non starchy vegetables), eat more good fat and eat less carbohydrates.

Lucy Paget