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If you are looking for more personalized attention to help inspire you to add more things that are deeply healthy, you've come to the right place.

I pull from a wide array of places to create a beautiful mosaic to fill a person with health and wonder – movement, hands-on therapy, nature, food, natural remedies, journaling and other creative exercises. 

I share what is true, not what is a fad.  I can cut through the superficial fads to see what’s lasting, deep and real – in this sense I could be thought of as a trusted advisor.

When I put my hands on you I can feel if your energy is moving freely and how your state of health is.  I am passionate about creating plans and programs for people that act as a kickstart to their wellbeing.    

I love to cut through the superficial and have deep conversations  - I’m interested in how we are living our lives for the better, not how we’re stuck, and if we’re stuck I’m interested in how we change that, not circling around the "stuckness".


If you have any questions regarding this work, please contact me here.