About Lucy

My Path • My gifts • my intention

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I seek to create beauty in the world. I ask you to be courageous and confident as I ask that of myself. In courageously and confidently moving forwards you will discover blessings, strength, an inner brightness, and lightness.

You can trust and know that my intention is clear and that as I offer my work I do so with integrity.

I have found that my own brightness shines best when I weave together dance, song, writing, nature and healing.  I was taught to focus on one thing.  I have found that my ‘one thing’ is to seek truth and share that to inspire and motivate others – to do that I use many things.  I cannot use just one thing e.g. just writing, or just spending time in nature, or just dancing.  Each of my ‘things’ does better when I weave it with the other things and create a beautiful mosaic.  It took me a long time to understand this.  It felt too eclectic, like I was trying to pull together disparate threads.  

  • One day I was walking in the forest and I realized that my writing was inspired by the quiet moments I access in nature and the intuitive knowings that sometimes come when I walk in the wild.   
  • When I move in dance, yoga or create my own sequences I feel a joy of self expression which makes me feel more alive, brighter, stronger.  I nourish my body in this way.  I calm my mind in this way.  And my aliveness through movement gives me a calmness I need to sit down and write and a breath that allows me to sing. 
  • When I write I draw forwards truths that light up my imagination and my heart.  I feel a sense of awe, excitement and wonder as pieces of the stories come to me.  I figure out my inner world and the outer world through my writing and know that for some reason writing is part of my expression that I must do.  

My Experience • My Training • My Education

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I have studied and practiced for many years to be confident in what I share. 
I have:

  • A four-year, post-graduate degree in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy
  • A two-year diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • A four-year, under-graduate degree in Cultural Studies from McGill University
  • Taught yoga for over fifteen years
  • Studied and practiced Movnat/Natural Movement 
  • Studied regenerative herbalism at Commonweal Garden in Northern California
  • Created and lovingly sold the largest osteopathic clinic in Canada (read about this experience here)

My Family